Sunday, June 21, 2009

Windows down, volume up: Ladyhawke

The combination of beautiful weather, car culture and a love for loud music is the inspiration for this series I like to call 'Windows down, volume up." Sometimes there are just songs or albums that demand this series of conditions in order for maximum enjoyment.

The first induction to this series is the song Magic by Ladyhawke. This dance-pop single from her debut album Ladyhawke is a synth-heavy, dancefloor worthy, femme rock anthem. Van Halen style keys that channel neon and Aquanet seem to fit perfectly with an artist that has often rocked the black hat a la Debbie Gibson. Peppered with influences such as Roxette and Journey, this album is a great fusion of 80s dance anthems and modern club infused pop.

Proving that dance-worthy music does not have to be as obnoxious and over-indulgent as a Lady Gaga track, the rest of the album holds its own. My Delirium and Back of the Van are two more tracks that you may want to check out if the windows are still down and you haven't quite reached your destination.

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