Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back in your head...

To be fair, I became familiar with Tegan and Sara pretty late. It wasn't until The Con that I really started investigating their music. They have unique voices that I thought might drive me nuts if I listened to a full album, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I went to their concert here in LA a number of months ago and was pleasantly surprised at what amazing performers they were. Engaging with the audience, entering into a dialogue with them, it felt like a much more intimate performance than it was.

The first Tegan and Sara songs that got me curious were Where Does the Good Go? and Walking With a Ghost. The candid and blunt lyrics combined with the melodic harmonies of Where Does the Good Go? was refreshing. Instead of dancing around what we want to hear from a significant other, they just lay it out there. No fancy metaphors needed. As one who tends to be more blunt in nature than passive, it appealed to me. In a similar way, the stripped down pop tone of Walking With a Ghost seemed to be a clean slap to modern pop music. Instead of being overwhelmed with synthesizers and other layers of sounds that don't come out of a typical instrument, there is restraint in the use of something other than a guitar and drums. The guitar riffs are quick, deliberate, and distinct.

When Back in Your Head started making the rounds of Los Angeles radio my ears perked again. Their distinctive style seemed more polished than ever and compelled me to finally download the albums So Jealous and The Con as an introduction to their music. I now consider myself a full Tegan and Sara convert. Their songs are intense, direct and a welcome dose of candor in an environment that seems more akin to romantic comedy musings.

Nineteen - Tegan and Sara

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